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Spectalix developed a real-time background replacement mobile app which allows users to separate humans from their original video background, using either their mobile camera video capture or pre-recorded clips.

With Spectalix app, users can overlay their segmented figure on top of a diverse collection of video scenes. The app offers a special editor with which the users can resize and reposition their moving segmented object to better fit it to the new scene’s context, as if they were part of it.

Our Services

Spectalix offers content players its SDK, which they could embed in their own app. The SDK will enable the customer to produce background video clips that the end-users will download and participate in. Spectalix will charge a one-time setup fee for the SDK and a fee for every clip download. Revenue sharing model will be applied to customers who partner with sponsors/advertisers to create content


Sport Clubs & Leagues


Video Editing Tools

Brand/Creative agencies

Content Apps

Our Team

Marcus Cohn

Founder & CEO

18 years in the high-tech industry.
Serial entrepreneur. Founded and led Clearsite, a seed investment bank. Creative Director at Academy award winning Film Production company in addition to overseeing the TV license business.

Koby Maluk

Co-Founder, Head of BizDev

Serial entrepreneur (founder of Vodience). Acted as CTO of OTT TV services such as Cellcom TV and BlockbusterTV in Israel. Author of the Novel “Twice life, please”

Eran Sela


Deep Learning algorithm expert with special focus in embedded devices. Ex-developer at Advanced Imaging Technology Group of Microsoft. B,Sc in Computer Engineering at Technion, M.Sc in Computer science at Haifa University.

Gilad Helmi

Head of R&D

Various roles of RnD, leading and growing development teams from initial phase to 30 people. Founded Vodience. Among the core team that founded Press-Sense (Raised $18M USD). B.Sc from the Technion.

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