Our Product

Spectalix developed a revolutionary white-label, user generated content (UGC) video platform, designed for content app publishers, such as broadcasters, sports clubs and leagues, musicians, dancers, consumer brands, e-learning and more. The platform is being offered as a white label app, or as an SDK, to be integrated into the publisher’s mobile app. 

In addition to the basic functionality of allowing users to upload and publish their video content to the consumer app, Spectalix’s platform allows the app publisher to invite its users to insert themselves (or their friends) in video clips of the publisher’s talents/players. All in real-time. Just like greenscreen, but without a greenscreen. 

Now, fans can celebrate with their team’s star player after scoring a goal or a touchdown, sing or play a song alongside their favorite band, reenact a scene of a TV show or receive an interactive shoutout from an influencer, etc.  The users can then share their composed clips on the social media, which will attract new users to the publisher’s app. 

The Spectalix platform also includes a unique backend system that allows the app owner to manage all professional content uploads, as well as moderate videos created by the users, both manually and automatically. The backend system protects the app owners by ensuring that only appropriate content will be published.

Our Value Proposition

    Spectalix turns a consumer app into a social media powerhouse:                       

  • Reclaim user traffic and increase app value.
  • Introduce fans to an innovative, easy-to-use, engagement tool.
  • Drive new fans to your app, as users who are exposed to shared clips            on social media will want to try it out themselves.
  • Access new fans data with a trackable link for every video produced,      shared and watched.
  • Create new revenue streams through selling the activity to advertisers        and sponsors.
  • Protect your brand with easy moderation of user content on our                    state-of-the-art backend system.


Sport Clubs & Leagues


Video Editing Tools

Brand/Creative agencies

Content Apps

Our Founding Team

Marcus Cohn


The Hustler

Entrepreneur in the high-tech and movie industry. COO at Academy Award winning Film Production company for 15 years.

Koby Maluk

Head of BizDev

The Hipster

Entrepreneur (founder of Vodience). Acted as CTO of OTT TV services such as Cellcom TV and BlockbusterTV in Israel. 

Gilad Helmi


The Hacker

Various roles of R&D, leading and growing large development teams. Co-founder of Vodience and Press-Sense. B.Sc from the Technion.

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